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Founded in 2008, Potech Consulting is a specialized IT and cybersecurity consulting firm that focuses on making information systems more performant, secure and resilient. Potech Consulting has duly acquired an international portfolio of clients from various sectors. Our services have made their mark in helping customers to rapidly adapt and respond to internal or external changes, and most importantly to counter for disruptions or threats, preserving work continuity with limited impact on the business.

They say pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work. For us, it is not just pleasure, but heartfelt passion. Possibly why we even exceed perfection at times.”

Hanady Karam – COO, Potech Consulting

Companies nowadays are facing a rising necessity to put in place cybersecurity strategies to counter any potentially disruptive cyber threats. Potech SOC is a full-fledged Security Operations Center and Managed Services provider, founded to reinforce clients’ resilience towards any such threats. Our clients entrust us for handling the integration of their security data collection with analysis & reporting, while providing them with continuous event monitoring and correlation with threat intelligence.

It is no longer a matter of preventing data breaches. It is about hastening detection.”

Jad Tabet – Operations Manager, Potech SOC

We are known to take pleasure in sharing the P.O.TECH expertise, widely disseminating our technical knowledge in the information & technology field. In that sense, Potech Academy is the privileged host of various workshops, conferences and other such training events, addressed to a wide audience of professionals as well as students in the field.


OBSoft is the proud software engineering arm of P.O.TECH. Founded since 2014, the company has been steadily developing secure, optimized and robust web, mobile and IoT solutions.

We are a team of gurus on a constant quest for exciting challenges and cutting-edge technologies. Intricate problems drive us. Because we enjoy taking them down with our creatively engineered solutions.”

Nadim HENOUD – COO, OBSoft

We believe that academic research is key, for accompanying the unending development of the information & technology world. Our own Potech Labs dedicates its full attention to supporting such research through a multidisciplinary approach that strengthens ecosystem collaboration, always advocating the development of IT innovation projects. Potech Labs actively contributes to the issuance of research papers and various essential literature in the areas of cybersecurity, as well as information & technology.


A Security, Business Intelligence & Consulting firm with offices in Paris and Beirut, Nigma has access to partners in East Asia, the USA and Europe. We assess risk, propose and implement tailored solutions in the field of security, blockchain forensics and business investigations through a data-driven and customer-centered approach.

We help you anticipate risks and ensure a high level of readiness against the unforeseeable. We dare go where others do not. And we are taking you with us safely and securely."

Fabien Tabarly - CEO & Founder of NIGMA Conseil s.a.s

We strive for excellence in our consulting services via a customer-centric approach. We listen, understand and develop tailored business processes that answer the needs of our customers. Advisory and training are our building blocks for a sustainable and effective organizational performance.”

Jessica Said Co-Founder of NIGMA Conseil s.a.s Head of Healthcare Management Consultancy & Planning
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16, July, 2021

10:00 AM (CET)

Elie Zeidan, Chief Threat Intelligence Officer at Potech Consulting, will be hosting a webinar to explain the thin line between Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and Digital Risk Protection (DRP) and to present new technologies able to help you and your business face and mitigate harmful events in the cyberspace.

To Register:

Email academy@potech.global


  • There’s a thin line between Cyber Threat Intelligence (#CTI) & Digital Risk Protection (#DRP). Learn the difference and the use of new technologies that help you face and mitigate harmful events in the cyberspace.

    To register email academy@potech.global or leave a comment 👇

    Places are limited!

    #potech #potechacademy

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  • Roger Feghali claims 1st place overall in his hometown #WadiChahrour race during round 1 of the 2021 Lebanese Hill Climb Championship. He also won the PF3 category!

    As for Alex Feghali , he won the PF4 and the junior cup categories.

    As official sponsors we are more than proud!

    #motortuneracing #wadichahrourhillclimb #obsoft #darkivore #tace

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  • OBSoft is looking for a Solution Integrator primarily responsible for integrating, managing, and maintaining IT Software Solutions.

    Main Responsibilities:

    - Deploy and manage IT Software solutions.
    - Prioritize & integrate all required assets to be included in the SOC service.
    - Ensure that the IT Software solution & its related components are running properly in a manner that assures reliable monitoring & alerting.
    - Create parsers for log records to standardize ingestion.
    - Document user & administrator guides related to the IT Software solution.
    - Provide Solution support for clients.

    Candidates must have:

    - Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, CCE or equivalent.
    - 0-3 years’ experience in a similar field.
    - Familiar with use-cases definition
    - Experience in IT Software configuration and use across the response lifecycle.
    - In-depth network services knowledge (web, mail, dns, authentication).
    - Familiarity with Intrusion Detection Systems configuration and operation.
    - Interacts with people effectively. Able and willing to share and receive information.
    - Fluent in Arabic, English & French.

    For interested candidates, kindly send your CV to hr@potech.global

    #potech #obsoft

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Potech Labs white paper is an analysis on the application of blockchain technology in the education sector. The Self Sovereign Identity places the foundations for a new approach, at the crossroads between cybersecurity, personal data protection, resilience and access control.

Read the white paper.


Working at P.O.TECH means being part of a talented, motivated and energetic team.
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P.O.TECH offers students the possibility of Internship Programs.
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The world of Information & Technology is in an incessant evolution.
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I’d say we make a squadron. A troop. A super group of cyber rock stars. We take our projects, or should I say ‘missions’, very personally. Every discovery, remediation, innovation or even mishap is engraved within our being.”

Elie Zeidan – CTIO, Potech Consulting

Potech is not a workplace. It is the place where we share and grow together. If you believe that you have what it takes to hop on!

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Believe it or not, Potech loves students! Well… We love sharing their fresh and boundless passion as much as contributing to their development with our practical experience and expert skills. If you are a student and you got those vibes.

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Information & Technology is accompanying – if not leading – the world’s incessant evolution thanks to continuous academic development. For this reason, at Potech, we vigorously put our technical knowledge and professional capacities at the service of students in PhD programs or other advanced studies, supporting those future experts with all the tools needed to propose new and advanced Information & Technology solutions. We are proud to mention in this context our cooperation agreements with the Lebanese University and Université St Joseph in Lebanon, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and students with both institutions.